Saturday, August 1, 2009

Esmiel's School Project Report

Starfall Academy High School for the Exceptionally Awesome.

Title: "What I did on Friday Night"

Submitted By: Esmiel Posthorn, Acting Head Prefect

Submitted To: Principal Dehrynn Shepherd

The night began with a little light rawking. Virtually everyone was in uniform as requested - those that were not have been sent to the Gym Master for proper punishment.

Snippy helps special needs student Chester hold onto his notes.

Mike badly missed on this attempt to spank Ima. Perhaps the skirt put him off?

Stardancer, Kyne, Aedan, Albert, Saisei and Chopper attempt some interesting moves. I think they are trying to spell out 'Awesome', but clearly they lack discipline and spelling ability.

JonmiChel, a new student at Starfall, shows off how nerves dont always relate to pit stains.

As the pictures show, everyone had an excellent time, tried hard and were mostly nice to one another, with only a few hundred spankings taking place. Per minute.

The winners for the contest were:

Esmiel Posthorn
Snippy Yifu
JonmiChel Heron

So well done to them.. and a massive thank you to everyone who took part and who voted.

I would rate that part of the evening as A+ and I'm sure it only got better from there on :D

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  1. The principal is very please with Esmiel's report, and gives him an A+. All the other students did very well, and they too will receive an A. However, due to a mix up, you all will be asked to repeat the class, because of misconduct! And there may be spankings.

    Es, fabulous post, I really enjoyed it - well done! The other events went off fantastic - only one more to go - Hair bands.

    Look forward to seeing your next post : )