Sunday, August 2, 2009

Starfall Saturday with DJ Blaise - "Latex Theme"

Saturday Nights have DJ Blaise to thank for tunage and awesomeness. The theme contest weekend parties continued with Blaise chosing the theme of LATEX... and it was all hotness and shiney squeeky fun.. I won't say it was clean though.. man, it was HOT.

Here are some pics I managed to grab of the event!

DJ Blaise, and Host Ima dancing and squeeking the night away!

In the foreground, steamy Rustie and incredibly hot Boot, with smex Ima back by the DJ board.

Gage, Charley, and Kolya dancing by the torch.. feeding the fire, so to speak xD

Bruin - Mmmmmmmmmm Bruin.

Kev Darkfold in the center was just smokin' hot in his Styria latex suit of evil goodness.

Boot and Rustie in the background, with the fabulous smexy MTD1952 (Mikey) in the foreground, with his latex pouch of lovin' *grin*

Boot in the background with Rustie at the front.

The winners of this contest were: Gage Shippe, Rustie Zeplin, and Boot Hock. Fantastic outfits and so much fun. You really made the evening special!

And my thanks to everyone that participated and enjoyed the evening with us! Blaise your set was incredible as always, and Ima, thank you for being the fun, engaging host you are!

And to round out the theme nights, its DJ Dehrynn on Sunday night at 6PM with "Hair Bands", not the kind you hold hair back with - the kind that played rock and metal!

See you then!

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