Sunday, August 2, 2009

Aminmated Hijinks with DJ Merrick @ Fabulous Friday!

The final piece of the Fabulous Friday Theme Night puzzle was "Anime" by the "Pixar Pixie" - DJ Merrick, during his 8PM theme set. Following up from wildly awesome party that Kaj and Blaise put together, Merrick and the "Ever-lovin' Elfboi" DJ Dehrynn as host, had the wind-down party of the evening.
In the picture above, its DJ Merrick, all smiles and smexiness.. in armor!

As I mentioned, Anime was the theme, and in this usage of the term, it meant all animation, not limited to the common use of the term. The results were interesting and we had a blast.

Here's some of the pictures captured from the party:

Kolya , Ima, Dehrynn (as the Coyote), unknown visitor, and Kev

Ima Peccable in a radiant and beautful avatar. One of the top Winners of the contest!
Blaise and Kaj (the Rocketeer) in the foreground, with Boot and Rustie in the background.

In the right forefront of the picture is Wyle E. Coyote.. Suuuuuper Genius.. or Dehrynn Shepherd, depending on your point of view.

Believe it or not, all 3 winners are in this shot - Dehrynn, Ima, and the cloud is Kyne who had a great costume as Link! Unfortunately, I was having rez issues, and didn't get a good snapshot of his outfit.

The top winners were Ima Peccable, Dehrynn Shepherd, and Kyne Tigerpaw.

That wrapped up Fabulous Friday night, and I want to thank all the participants, contestants, and the Academy for my award. It was a tight knit group, the tunes were excellent and smooth as always with Merrick, and we all had a great time.

The next theme event was Saturday Nite with DJ Blaise and "Latex"... you can hear the squeeeeeeeek from here. And the moans and ohs.. mmmmmm Latex.


Kyne as LINK!! This is a picture of Kyne taken after the event, since the rez problems prevented pics earlier.

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