Sunday, August 2, 2009

Starfall Fabulous Friday - DJ Kaj and SILKS

Friday night started off fantastic with DJ Esmiel's "School Uniform" Theme, and I kept the party alive from 4-6PM, and then DJ Kaj took the stream.

Kaj played a series of fantastic tunes that soaked into our minds, even as we feasted on the sights of all the awesome silks and bodies on display on the dance floor - my oh my.. what a sight it was!

I've put together a series of pics I grabbed of the event. We had an amazing crowd, and the energy was incredible!

DJ Kaj - doing what he does better than just about anyone - Play awesome music. And look incredibly sexy. Did I say look incredibly sexy?

Timmus, Bill, Kev, Dehrynn, Que, and Ima

Merrick was fantastic to feast your gaze on, the mystical silks he wore were soooo sweet.

Kaj, Merrick, and Chester

Charley Eissman in Front, Gage Shippe behind.. Kolya in the far background.

Kolya was the top winner of the contest - smexy silks indeed.

Blaise all decked out in lights and silk, pretty elf boi!
Stardancer, Dante, Vincecentta

The contest winners were Kolya Svenska, Charley Eismann, and Bill225 Westland! Congratulations guys! Awesome job!

My thanks to everyone that participated - the outfits and energy were fantastic - and thanks to Kaj and Blaise for doing such a great job bringing the tunes and the orchestrating another great event.

DJ Merrick's "Anime" theme was next ...

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  1. I had a blast, thanks so much for posting the memories!!!