Monday, August 3, 2009

Starfall Theme Weekend finishes up with DJ Dehrynn and The Temple of Rock!

So, Sunday, we had a little party. It started with the warm up set, the fantastic DJ Blaise rockin' us out for 2 solid hours of solid awesome. And then the Temple of Rock headline set with me, Dehrynn, the Elf of Everrock (yeah, I just groaned too, as I wrote it xD ). I had my theme party, with "Hair Bands". Metal and Rock bands from days gone by was theme, and we had some truly excellent, hilarious, sexy, and smexy rockers turned out in big hair, jeans, leathers, and hawtness.
Here's some pics I grabbed from the event!

Rustie and The Mullet of Power, along with Echo "Host of Hawt" Omizu, Dodgeguy "Suit of Rocks" Woodward, Que, and Steve all rockin' out.
The Party continued, with rockers from all walks and times
Merrick and MTD strutting their stuff
Merrick.. mmmmmm Merrick *sigh*

And introducing the newest member of ZZ Top, Kev Darkfold!

Charley and Gage - rock gods strutting their stuff.

Charley is so awesome in this pic, makes you wanna be a groupie !

Party on, rocker boys!
Its not called the Temple of Rawk for nothing!
Merrick, Kaj, and Slash.. er Blaise! OMG their hawt!

Kyne on the Fishtar, Rusty, Bill, Dehrynn, (unknown), Merrick, Kaj, and the little bro.

Merrick is truely a hairband rocker boy of delicious repute!

The contest winners were Kyne Tigerpaw, Kaj Juutilainen, and Merrick Ying.

Thanks again to everyone that participated, and dressed out for the events. Its what makes it all worth it! We had a blast, and I can't say enough that this is what this place is all about. Having a fantastic time with this great group of friends and everyone that comes to see Starfall as a home for us all.

That's it for July's Starfall Fabulous events (even if we cheated into August).

Trevor Sin will have a theme of "Hot Pants" on Wednesday August 5th. Hope you stop by!

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