Friday, July 31, 2009

Starfall Thursday - Dark Fantasy event was enthralling

DJ Kev Darkfold rocked the Temple with a fantastic set, and we celebrated a birthday too! Happy Birthday Charley!
The evening was filled with fantastic constumes, an air of fun and excitement, and perhaps a touch of insanity as everyone oggled and checked out the various constumes and avatars. It was another packed house, with a wide array of versions of "Dark fantasy" costumes, from the Medieval/Fantastic, to Vampire and Faerie, elven mages, and so on. Everyone was cool, and we all had a blast. Here are some pictures that I snapped of the event.. Congratulations to the winner Merrick, Kolya, and Ima!

The Top 3 contest winners were Merrick Ying, Kolya Svenska, and Ima Peccable ! Congratulations!!

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