Monday, August 22, 2011

Starfall Event Schedule for week of August 22 - August 28, 2011

*NOTE1* DJ Tralos is taking a break from DJing for 2 weeks, so please check the Schedule for updates on Monday 4pm and Wednesday 6pm slots!
*Note2* Shizzy is off SL while dealing with RL moving. She will return as soon as she has internet set back up!
*Note3* Please welcome Kisa to the ranks of our hosts! She just started this past Friday! Congratulations!

*Note 4* Wednesday Night 6pm - DJ Dehrynn and Host Cooper present "Soul Train!" So get your dancin' shoes on and wiggle that behind!

The following is the Starfall Schedule for August 22 thru August 28

Monday August 22 - Beat OFF the Monday Blues
4PM *open* Tralos on break
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Charley

Tuesday August 23
5PM DJ Sasch with Host IMA (for Shizzy)
9PM DJ Dov with Host Kisho

Wednesday August 24
4PM DJ Fieger with Host Jay
6PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Cooper "Soul Train!"

Thursday August 25
6PM DJ Rustie with Host Ima

Friday August 26
2PM DJ Esmiel with Host Kisa
4PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Ima
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Charley

Saturday August 27
2PM DJ Tourette with Host *open*
4PM DJ Jules with Host Aldric
6PM DJ Blaise with Host Ima

Sunday August 28
4PM DJ Blaise with Host Ima
6PM DJ Dehrynn with Host *open*

If you have any questions or suggestions or have a problem you want to bring to our attention, please contact the Owner/Manager, Dehrynn Shepherd, or the Manager Shizuka Tsunenaga.

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