Monday, August 1, 2011

Pirates take over Starfall!!!

Avast there ye scurvy swabs! Pirates take Starfall! Harrrrr!
Ok, more on the smexy, less on the scurvy, and if you're swabbing your decks, you won't have to worry about embarrassing situations involving personal hygiene, now will you?
Indeed, it was a timber-shivering time at Starfall Sunday night, what will the Black Star pirate ship sliding into the lagoon around the club.. quite a feat considering. But strange happenings aside, we had one hell of a rockin' time, with Pirates, and booty, and bootay, and plundering, and wallering, and having one hell of good time!

And it was Charley's birthday!

So have a glance over the plunder of Starfall's crew, the pirate crew that set sail on the high sees of adventure, and came together on the shores near the Refuge of Awesome to caper, prance, and swagger in pirate-ee fashion!

Dehrynn Shepherd, and his first mate - Storm! Harrrrrrr!

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