Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Caboose was loose at Starfalls SoulTrain!

Wednesday night was a fun time - with lots of color and plenty of bootay shakin' going on. It was the Starfall Soul-Train party! Its been a while since we did one of these, and Cooper Drammond was a wonderful host for the event, and claimed that he had never missed an episode of that show back when he was young. He and I put together a set that was cool, and funky and rocked the the hips of all of us on the dance floor! Here's some pictures. Oh, we made a contest out of it, just for fun, and the 1500 L$ prize was divided between Charley, Fieger, and Kaj ! Plus Charley got a grand prize of a skybox worth L$5K - so it was a nice sweet tasty night of hot lovin for all!

Here's those pictures:

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