Sunday, March 21, 2010

Harrr! Avast Matey! 'Twas Pirate Night, Aye!! March 17 was the Jolly Roger over Starfall! Harr!!

Avast Mateys! Shiver me timbers and rattle me balls! Harrr! Pirates be sighted at the old temple by the sea.. harrr. Booty was found and I'm sure Booty was plundered.. (though that was probably in IMs). Wednesday Night 6pm March 17 was a night for the Jolly Roger to fly over Starfall!

Some background - Photos and Storm happened to come to last weekend's Sunday night set dressed as what looked like Captain and cabinboy - but what came of it was a bounty of pirate jokes, innuendos and Pirate costumes started sprouting up.

Photos wanted to turn it into a contest, then and there, but since it sort of "sprang up", we decided to turn it into something for another night, to give people a chance to get their "Pirate on", so to speak. So I declared the contest would be Wednesday Night 6pm where I decided I would sit in for the far-wandering Merrick.

Pookie Georgia, Shizuka Tsnunenaga, and Kaj Juutilainen split the prize money as the awesome pirates of the night! Harr!!

Regardless - Here are some of the pictures I nabbed from the contest.

Pookie Georgia, Kaj

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