Monday, March 29, 2010

All Aboard the Souuuuuulllll Traaaaaiiiiiiinnnnn!!!!

DJ Merrick and Mizz Shizz invite you to line dance down the middle of STARFALL this wednesday night at 6PM SLT. That's right, jive turkeys! The SOUL TRAIN pulls into STARFALL with Dehrynn Shepherd generously stepping in for Don Cornelius. So, dust-off those platform boots, satin disco pants, and smooth booty -shakin, love-makin' moves...cuz we're channeling Bootsy Collins.

Merrick: "Shizzy, I'm just a Love Machine...and I don't work for nobody but you."
Shizzy: "Oh, for Chrissakes"


  1. Thanks very much to everyone who made our Soul Train party such a DY-NO-MITE! success! We'll have another Soul Train party on the last wednesday of April -- April 28, 2010. See you then! XO - Merrick, Shizzy, & your friends at STARFALL

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