Thursday, March 11, 2010

DJ Kev - the Big Cat takes a break

One of my dear friends, and a founding DJ at Starfall has taken a hiatus - DJ Kev decided to take some time off, playing his last set from all the clubs he was a part of, and play this final set here.
The house was packed, with a most excellent crowd all night.

I remember early last year, before he became a DJ, Kev used to come to my very late night sets at The Wharf back in January, 2009. I played the Graveyard Shift, as I called it, 10pm to Midnight SL time. That was when I played my first sets. Kev's always been a night owl, so even when I was struggling to stay up, he would be there chatting away, helping me to stay focused. I never thanked him enough for that support. And it was only fitting that a kitteh with such refined taste *cough* enjoying my tunes would want to take up the DJ mantel.. I remember hiring Kev for the Wharf in April 2009 when I was managing that wonderful club - and it gave me great satisfaction to see him flourish as a DJ since.

Anyway, here is a special thanks from me, and all your brothers and sisters and cousins many times removed, in this crazy adoped family - Thank you Kev Darkfold for entertaining us, and making some of those gawdaweful puns *laugh*. I will miss you in your regular slot, and I know you will miss it, too. There will always be a place for you at Starfall.

Take care, and be well.


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