Saturday, September 18, 2010

Starfall Slutty Saturday? Oh Yeah!! And Starfall Super Sunday!

When your hardware doesn't work, its hard to accomplish certain tasks. In this case, that hardware was 2 of our DJ's computers for spinning their tunes.. man, what a bummer. So! not to be stopped by a droop in techno-erectile-ness, DJ Kaj and Tralos have stepped into the mix to fix us up with a 3 hour set of hotness, split down the middle, like a pair of Cooper's pants that were David Bowie sized - yeah you shouldn't try that at home. It does NOT work well for a butch guy like you Coop! *laugh*
ANNNNND! We have a contest added to the mix, just to make it a party-party!
We're having "the sluttiest dance outfit" contest. $L2000 will go up on the board!
Dance Poles will be provided - and over the course of 3 hours, we are going to make Charley and Tralos work it on the Poles of Sin. That's right - we'll have dance poles up and out for the bared-assetts.
Ok. Enough babble!

Below is the Saturday Line UP!

Saturday September 18
2-4 PM DJ Tristan with Host Ima
4-6 PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Nat Noir
6-7:30PM DJ Kaj with Host Cooper - Sluttiest Dance Outfit Contest - 2K Prize
7:30-9PM DJ Tralos

Oh, on Sunday, Sora will be having a special event for the 2pm set - "Video Game Event" - Contest Board will be active for that set as well!

Sunday September 19
2PM DJ Sora with Host Ima - Special Video Game Event
4PM DJ Malden with Host Shizzy
6PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Nat Noir

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