Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pics from 80s Night on Sept. 26

80s night was SO much fun! DJ Malden played us some "totally tubular" tunes, and we even dressed up! So, I thought I would share some pics I took... enjoy!

(left-right: DJ Malden, Julian, Ragingcrys, and Chops)

(left-right: Ragingcrys, Julian, Shizuka, and DJ Malden)

(DJ Malden, rawkin out)

(Kaj- Lookin a little like "Crocodile Dundee")


  1. I was not Crocodile Dundee, i was trying to look like Nick Rhodes. Geez

  2. http://www.exposay.com/celebrity-photos/nick-rhodes-a-love-song-for-bobby-long-movie-premiere-arrivals-FSmAzO.jpg