Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Celebrating 9 Years of Rawkin Tunes from DJ Kaj, May 16!

"Back, before the dawn of time... Long before the rock, that killed the dinosaurs, landed like Swallow on a pack of free range Hostess Twinkies, and sent a cloud of dust and rock into the skies to blot out the sun (creating the ice age), there was Kaj; the first evolved Man of Rock! He spun that rock, and there was dancing, and grinding, and butt wiggling - in furs! And it was good. And the Ice never touched Kaj's bod, nor those that rawked with him. And it was really good. And there was the Gray Goose, and sex, and groping, and perving. And it was allllll gooooood."

Join us, on May 16, as Starfall celebrates 9 years of DJ Kaj spinnin his rawkin tunes for our aural pleasure!  There will be dancing, groping, ogling, and of course awesome tunes from the man himself!  The party starts @ 6pm SLT, the place to be is Starfall!

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