Monday, November 30, 2015

Starfall Schedule for Nov 30 thru Dec 6

Starfall Schedule for Nov 30 thru Dec 6

Monday Nov 30 - Beat OFF the Monday Blues
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Charley

Tuesday Dec 1
9PM DJ Dov with Host Ralphie

Wednesday Dec 2
6PM DJ Rustie with Host Jagger
9PM DJ Dov with Host Kyne

Thursday Dec 3
7PM DJ Fieger with Host Jagger
9PM DJ Spikey D with Host Jestyr

Friday Dec 4 - FAB-U-LUST FRIDAY
2PM DJ Esmiel with Host Shizuka
6PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Charley
8PM DJ Ralphie  with Host Ian

Saturday Dec 5
2PM DJ Taki with Host Shizuka
6PM DJ Matt with Host Jules
8PM DJ Nishi with Host Sakito

Sunday Dec 6
6PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Shizuka

If you have any questions or suggestions or have a problem you want to bring to our attention, please contact the Owner/Manager, Dehrynn Shepherd, or the Manager Shizuka Tsunenaga.

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