Monday, June 22, 2015

Starfall: The Refuge of Awesome

Starfall: The Refuge of Awesome

By: Matt Morris

In honor of Starfall’s 6th Anniversary tomorrow, I whipped up a little thing about the place because I obviously have an aversion to doing housework this morning. :D

     There is a powerful place that grew from the ashes of a seaside haven. It has survived long years through the various dangers and cruel twists of fate in the magical world of Slife. Powered by a great love for the music that moves the heart of elf, man and beast, and the great community that comes together there to celebrate upon its hallowed ground, it has reassembled anew four times after calamity strove to knock down its ancient remains. It is Starfall, the Refuge of Awesome, and it abides the swiftest and most powerful strokes by external forces and weathers the stream of time with a grace seldom encountered.
     Led by a great and ancient elf, whose power is terrible to behold yet wielded by a gentle heart that beats in time with the power of the music and a love for all that are moved by it. The Elf Himself holds up the mighty pillars that remain from times long past and welcomes those who seek to celebrate the great beats and thunderous melody that flow nightly through the heart of Starfall. He is an imposing figure, tall and dark, his long silver-tipped ears poking through luxurious hair that flows freely past his broad, strong shoulders. Clad often in darkness, it is but an aesthetic choice, for one can see the great light shining from within through piercing eyes that miss little. The great Elf is not alone, however. Surrounding him are a diverse group of beings that do their part to keep the Refuge from harm and to ensure the music continues to flow through the heart of the land.
     There are the great wizards of the music, who call forth the resounding beats from the ether so that the assembled can behold the unifying force behind Starfall. Some are ancient and venerable, others apprentices in the art, they weave their spells with the help of great hosts who assist in joining together music and patron to achieve the unique harmony of souls that Starfall achieves. Others are great luminaries who hold high the fires of the Refuge for all to see. Also there is a humble Keeper, who takes these available threads and ensures they are woven together tightly so that the powers of Chaos do not strike.
     After the great migration from the Wharf and the foundation of Starfall, many have come there over time; some have gone to other parts of Slife, and some have passed beyond into Rill, or even beyond that into the great unknown. Some return from Rill, once again seeking the power of the music and the community they loved. This flow of souls, along with the ever-changing beat of the music, fuels the power of Starfall and keeps it strong.
     Starfall is not without threats, however. Slife is a demanding land, sadly, and forces those who live there to pay tribute to its often cruel Overlords. Thus was Walter erected, a massive phallic statue hand-carved from stone, and a flaming Torch of Love set in place, accepting the generosity of the people of Starfall. Standing tall, flames curling up into the cool evening air but harming none as is the way in Slife, these monuments remain. Their collection ensures that the frightful deities, who are so often uninspired and uninterested in the land they dominate, do not swoop down and cause ruination over the land.
     To the untrained eye Starfall may seem but a crumbling ruin, a wreck upon the land marring the surface of Slife. They cannot see that it is not the remains of ancient structures that defines Starfall, but the souls who gather there, the music that speaks to them, and all that is awesome that comes together in this timeless Refuge. For those that are willing to see and hear this truth, it is a place that will remain in their hearts, even should they pass from Slife into Rill or beyond.
Thus it still stands as a great celebration is planned for its anniversary and the coming of summer, always welcoming to those who wish to partake in this rarest of magics in Slife.
The music calls… who will answer?

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