Monday, October 22, 2012

Starfall Schedule for Oct 22 thru Oct 28

Starfall Schedule for Oct 22 thru Oct 28

Monday Oct 22 - Beat OFF the Monday Blues
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Charley

Tuesday Oct 23
9PM DJ Dov with Host Kisho

Wednesday Oct 24
6PM DJ Rustie with Host Storm

Thursday Oct 25
6PM DJ Zeek with Host Storm 

Friday Oct 26 - FAB-U-LUST FRIDAY
2PM DJ Pope with Host Shizuka - Vampires (and other things that suck)
4PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Ima
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Charley

Saturday Oct 27
2PM DJ Fieger with Host Charley - Rocky Horror Picture Show theme
6PM DJ Blaise with Host Ima - Party Like it's the Apocalypse - Don your most Apocalyptic gear (think Mad Max, Walking Dead, The Passage)

Sunday Oct 28
4PM Special Guest DJ Sora Bluebird - The Halloween Feast! Start out your Sunday with the sexy DJ Sora,
         It'll be a treat! Its No Trick! Come in your choice of costume for this 2 hour warm up event!
6PM DJ Dehrynn with Host -  Mirror Mirror - If you had a "twin" from a parallel universe, stepping through
                 a magic mirror, or transporter accident - come dressed like your alter-self! Some say just wear a
                 goatee (like Spoke from the classic Star Trek episode.. and more satiny uniform .. and carry an
                 agonizer.. and a dagger...hehe) Have fun with this! See ya tonight!

If you have any questions or suggestions or have a problem you want to bring to our attention, please contact the Owner/Manager, Dehrynn Shepherd, or the Manager Shizuka Tsunenaga.

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