Friday, July 13, 2012

As sort of a public service announcement - our friend Markus Csak asked if he could post this advert on the SF group. I said, "Sure" and hope that if any of you out there of the Starfallen that like Boots, and want to give it a shot, that you go for it! Or pass it on to a friend of yours that might not be in the group that might be interested in helping Markus and Boots Beach out.
SO! Here's the blurb! Enter at your own risk! Bwahahahaaha!


Hey all u sexies! Boots Beach is in need of a reliable manager! Must be willing to help with the day to day running of the beach and it's activities. Boots Beach has a long history in SL and we want to honor it as well as keep it fresh and fun. Applicants should be reliable and willing to work with current owner. A small salary is offered and will be discussed . Contact Markus Csak for more info

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