Monday, December 19, 2011

December 18, 2011
It was the Pre X-Mas Red Party!

Ok, I'll admit it. Sometimes I amaze even myself. And other times I don't have a freakin' clue what to do for events. I was wracking my brains during a nap, as you do, and it came to me.. I was seeing red everywhere.. Christmas color of Red, frustration of Red.. Red as in my bloodshot eyes. That sort of thing. And the man that usually comes up with, spawns or sparks ideas for the Sunday Night themes, Nathaniel Refenoir, was wracking his brains too. But until that fateful nap, we had nothin. And I wasn't exactly feeling on top of my game, (Honestly I almost canceled due to, let's not go there *laugh*)

I think what came out was a cool set, with some excellent music, lots of fun, and definitely laughs for all involved. Unfortunately, not all of my pics saved or came out great, so this is just skimming the surface of what happened and who was there.

I dug into my DJ music folders and started arranging, scooping, wrangling and otherwise splatting the tunes into a playlist for RED, and there you go. Unfortunately, I didn't play Roxanne, by the Police. I feel like I've let Sting down. Again. *sigh*

Anyway, I gave everyone a good healthy 45 minute lead time to get something red to wear on, and POOF! We have a red party!

Oh! And check out the most talked about, and diagnosed Cat - Kyne! Indeed, Kyne is not suffering from any disease, or case of lipstick-overdose that wandered all over his body (he's really bummed about that). Kyne got into awesome theme for the set.. and he looks marvelous, don't you agree *grins*

Please ignore the Green on Charley and Kaj. They are wearing some red (their boots) so  they pass muster.

And my thanks to Shizzy for getting the holiday decor spread out around the club! Awesome job Shizzy!

Here's the Blue Cat in RED - See, he looks cool in red, doesn't he! Check out the next pic too.

Kyne's definitely got it rockin' in Red, doesn't he *nods nods*

( L-R )   Dodgey, Hoobly, Nat (the host with the most) and Rustie and Boot 

You aren't seeing double - there's Spankin' Santa (in the back by the snowman) and there's Rustie-Santa.. and Boot is in the back (Heheh), and the the right is are Atomo and Sebastien.

Beware the mistletoe - it caught Charley and Kaj - and they kissed so much there was a frozen puddle on the floor after they were done..  So be careful - mistletoe is dangerous!
I hope you all had a great time !

~~<3 Dehr

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