Monday, May 16, 2011

Starfall Schedule for May 16 thru May 22

Starfall Schedule for May 16 thru May 22

Monday May 16 - Beat OFF the Monday Blues!
4PM DJ Tralos with Host Shizzy
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Charley

Tuesday May 17
5PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Shizzy
9PM DJ Dov with Host Ima

Wednesday May 18
4PM DJ Kev Anton with Host Jay
6PM DJ Tralos with Host Cooper
8PM DJ Rustie

Thursday May 19
6PM DJ Nat Noir with Host Hoobs

Friday May 20
2PM DJ Esmiel with Host Shizzy
4PM DJ Dehrynn with Nat Noir
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Charley - Theme party: "The Beginning of the End" dress up like "ancient times" - Dress up like caveman, old Roman/Greek, wild west (or in Charley's case the 1980's)

Saturday May 21
2PM DJ Tourette with Host Shizzy
4PM DJ Jules with Host Aldric
6PM DJ Blaise with Host Ima

Sunday May 22
12PM DJ Fieger
4PM DJ Blaise
6PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Nat Noir - Post Rapture Clean up FOAM Party! - Time to clean up all the mess left after the un-Rapture, and clean yourself up for the next great predicted disaster.. MONDAY! Bring a towel, wear something skimpy, and wiggle with us like its a whole new world!

If you have any questions or suggestions or have a problem you want to bring to our attention, please contact the Owner/Manager, Dehrynn Shepherd, or the Asst Managers, Kyne Tigerpaw or Shizuka Tsunenaga.

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