Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pretty Fly For a 21 y.o. White Guy

This past Friday, our very own southern charmer, Charley Eismann, turned 21. The cocktails were flowing -- and the scene at STARFALL was boozier than the first 60 minutes of 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?'. Still, questions remain: Did Charley pass out face down in Kaj's living room at the end of the night?, Is Mal's ass really 3? What exactly was that wet spot on sofa where Dahrylan had been sitting?, and Where's Waldo!? Charley's Bday bash was great fun. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to wish our Southern Beau a Happy 21st Birthday!

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  1. I really gotta thank you guys for making Friday such a wonderful time. I'm sooo glad I scheduled RL fun for Saturday because missing you guys woulda just sucked! To put inquiring minds at ease I did NOT pass out, Mal is more like 7.5-8, Dahr was leaking sweaty L$, and Waldo is a town in FL> Thanks for treating me so special,'d think I rode the short bus! Love you all!