Sunday, June 13, 2010

DJ Survey Results

A little less than week ago, I, and 192 other DJs around SL's gay club scene were asked to participate in a survey of the top DJs on SL - and this survey was conducted by Jago Constantine.

Here's the link to his blog with the results !

Check it out! 4 of the Starfall Alumni are amongst the worthies on this list, and of the "special mention" we had 2 others!
So .. I guess we're doing something right at Starfall? *grin*

Congrats to you all!
Below are The Top 10 DJs (16 of them with ties for each place/position) in Second Life's Gay Scene (ties were included in the same slot).

(Excerpted from Jago's blog:)
"Without further ado, here are the top DJs in the gay grid (followed by their DJ name and fan group):

Equal tenth place:

* nash Gearhead (DJ Gearhead, DJ GEARHEAD'S GROUPIES)
* Vanyel Dreamscape (DJ Vanyel, PARTY VaN)

Equal ninth place:

* Gregster Kidd (DJ Gregster, -:Force Midnight:-)
* Merrick Ying (DJ Merrick, Dial M for DJ Merrick)

Equal eighth place:

* DaddyAdam Gartner (DJ Daddyadam formerly DJ Darkangel)
* Vortmax Mumfuzz (DJ Vortmax, DJ Vortmax)

Equal seventh place:

* Dehrynn Shepherd (DJ Dehrynn, DJ Dehrynn)
* Zann Baxton (DJ Zann, DJ Zann)

Sixth place:

* Syriana Paine (DJ Syriana, DJ Syriana's Group)

Fifth place:

* Wesley Spengler (DJ Wesley, DJ Wesley Spengler)

Equal fourth place:

* Dextrum Boucher (DJ Dex, DJ Dex's Filth and Fury)
* Kaj Juutilainen (DJ Kaj, DJ Kaj's Groupies)
* Rocket Jefferson (DJ Rocket, DJ ROCKET)

Third place:

* Sasch Petrov (DJ Sasch, * * * DJ SASCH GROUPIE * * *)

Second place:

* Aeschylus Shepherd (DJ Shepherd, DJ Shepherd)

First place:

* InsyX Piranha (DJ InsyX, InsyX's Fan Club)

As I mentioned above, DJ InsyX was far ahead of the pack in the voting tally, which is a measure of the high regard in which he is held by the DJ community.

Congratulations, InsyX, and to all in top ten positions!

Finally I'd like to mention the following runners up, each of whom attracted a significant number of votes: Arcangelo Hellmann, Atreyu Witrial, Blaise Pooley, Braden Darkstone, Bren Betts, Esmiel Posthorn, Jarrod Fitzpatrick, Queen Edman, Ralphy Triellis, Romeo Reardon, Rylan Sirnah, Kadie Pinkenba and Scary Jester."

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