Saturday, February 6, 2010

Starfall Schedule - Week of February 11 thru 16, 2010

Hey Everyone! This is the STARFALL Schedule for the week of February 8th (Monday) thru February 14th (Sunday) , 2008.

Please welcome Cooper Drammond to the Staff of Starfall as Host for the 4PM Wednesday, and 8PM Saturday slots. I attribute his eagerness for the spots to head injuries sustained in rugby xD

The 4PM Monday slot is currently open and a guest DJ Slot
The 8PM Saturday slot is currently open and a guest DJ Slot

I will notify/post the new DJ(s) when I have made a decision. Please send me a note in world or by email if you are interested in DJing for Starfall.

If you are interested, or know someone that might be, please send me an IM or note card, or email me at
Our Bunny Host - echo - is on a short hiatus, traveling abroad. He will not be hosting for several weeks.

January 13th, 8PM this week will feature DJ Nat Noir

Finally - Starfall is looking for additional hosts - if you are interested, please contact Dehrynn Shepherd or Kyne Tigerpaw. You can see in the schedule where the "open" slots are, and sometimes we need fill-in hosts as well. So let me know!

The Starfall Schedule is as follows:
4PM DJ Colwyn with Host Shizuka
6PM DJ Kev with Host IMA

2PM DJ Esmiel with host Shizuka
4PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Nathaniel
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Malden
8PM DJ MTD with Host IMA

2PM DJ Tristan with Host IMA
4PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Nathaniel
6PM DJ Blaise With Host Dehrynn
8PM Guest DJ Nat Noir with Host Cooper

4PM DJ Merrick with Host (open)
6PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Nathaniel- The Starfall Gay Prom

4PM DJ Colwyn - Guest DJ! With Host Shizuka
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Nathaniel

If you have any questions or suggestions, gripes or whatever, please contact Dehrynn Shepherd, or Kyne Tigerpaw.