Sunday, December 27, 2009

Starfall Schedule of Weekly Events - for December 28, 2009 thru January 3, 2010

The following is the event schedule with the DJ and Host for the week starting on Monday, December 28th, 2009, through Sunday January 3rd, 2010.

NOTICE: With the New Years' Holiday week upcoming as we rapidly approach 2010, there maybe some shifts in Schedules due to RL family, whatever commitments. We encourage everyone to have a safe and wonderful time if you can't be here.

ALL STAFF MEMBERS - PLEASE LET DEHR or KYNE know if you can't make it for your set, if possible.
I will do my best to post those on this blog and in the club, or via notices from the STARFALL Group.

DJ Kev will have a Bad Office Parties theme - New Years Eve, December 31, and Play from 6-9p SL time.

January 2nd - DJ Blaise will do DARK FUTURE APOCALYPSE as a Theme Saturday Night.

Monday December 28th
4PM DJ Trevor - Host Shizuka
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Blaise

Tuesday December 29th
3PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Shizuka
5PM DJ Sasch with Host Shizuka

Wednesday December 30th
4PM DJ Proto with Host Dehrynn
6PM DJ Merrick with Host Shizuka

Thursday December 31st - New Year's Evil!
4PM DJ Colwyn with Host Shizuka
6PM DJ Kev with Host Echo - Bad Office Parties!
9PM DJ Dehrynn

January 1st 2010 NEW YEAR'S DAY!!!
2PM DJ Esmiel with host Shizuka
4PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Nathaniel
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Malden
8PM DJ MTD with Host echo

Saturday January 2nd
2PM DJ Tristan with Host (open)
4PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Nathaniel
8PM DJ Skyler with Host (open)

Sunday January 3rd
4PM DJ Merrick with Host (open)
6PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Nathaniel

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