Monday, October 19, 2009

Starfall Schedule for the week of October 19 - 26, 2009

The Starfall schedule of events is as follows:
Congratulations to KYNE TIGERPAW on accepting the position of Assistant Manager of Starfall! The Bluekat is awesome!

Please welcome the latest brand-spankin' new addition to our mad little band -
DJ Colwyn Baily joins the Starfall line-up for Thursdays at 4-6PM SL time!
Halloweeen Constume Parties!
The DJs will be selecting themes for costume parties the week of Halloween! So far we have:
DJ Blaise - Monster Movies - Saturday, Oct 31
DJ Dehrynn - Supernatural Monsters, Sunday Nov 1
DJ Merrick - The Masqued Ball, Wednesday Oct 28
DJ Kev - Suddenly Furry, Thursday Oct 29
DJ Kaj - Undead Underwear, Friday Oct 30
DJ Esmiel - It came from Uranus! ALIENS! Friday, Oct 30
DJ MTD1952 - Pagan Harvest Festival - Friday, October 30

(all times are SL time)

Monday October 19th
4PM DJ Trevor
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Blaise

Tuesday October 20th
3PM DJ Sora with Host Shizuka
5PM DJ Sasch with Host Jacki

Wednesday October 21st
4PM DJ Proto with Host Dehrynn
6PM DJ Merrick with Host Shizuka

Thursday October 22nd
4PM DJ Colwyn with Host Shizuka
6PM DJ Kev with Host Echo

Friday October 23rd - Fab-U-lous Friday
2PM DJ Esmiel with Host Shiz
4PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Ima
6PM DJ Kaj with Host Blaise
8PM DJ MTD with Host Shiz

Saturday October 24th
3PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Echo
6PM DJ Blaise with Host Ima

Sunday October 25th
4PM DJ Merrick with Host Ima
6PM DJ Dehrynn with Host Echo

The club owner and manager is Dehrynn Shepherd, and the Assistant Manager is Kyne Tigerpaw. Please IM or send a note card to either of them with questions.

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